Kinetik Partners

Kinetik Partners

Delivering corporate advice and strategic brokering to companies looking to grow or diversify within clean energy

Kinetik Partners is a premier clean energy market strategy and technology commercialization firm. Kinetik Partners supports leading technology and manufacturing organizations to develop and execute innovation strategies that deliver sustained shareholder value growth.

Kinetik Partners

Corporate Advising

Kinetik Partners leverages validated methodologies and a depth of knowledge in wind and solar industries to guide clients in successful commercialization of clean energy technology.
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Kinetik Partners

Strategic Brokering

Kinetik Partners supports industry growth by supporting strategic partnerships between existing clean energy companies and those looking to diversify into clean energy industries.
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Kinetik Partners

About Kinetik Partners

Kinetik Partners brings a number of important advantages to client engagements. Our goal is to add serious value to each client engagement thorough a validated approach and real solutions.
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